Let us take you on a Caribbean culinary journey, offering a range of dishes made with high-quality, healthy ingredients. From our signature jerk chicken to our vegan Ital options, there's something for everyone at Harding's Caribbean Kitchen Truck.

The Original

The Original HCKT's traditional jerk seasoning is based on our family recipe and is an ultimate party piece. Whether cooked on the BBQ or in the kitchen, it will have everyone at the party talking.

The Bento

We believe that serving delicious and flavourful bento lunches is the best way to introduce many people to exciting and mouthwatering Caribbean cuisine.

The Ital

Ital = Vegan / Organic A big part of Caribbean food is the Ital. Rastas have long been teaching the vegan diet and its benefits. We will always have one Ital dish on our truck for those who want a meat-free option.

The Shrimp

Black Tiger Shrimp, one of our customer's favourites, is marinated in lime, ginger, and spices, pan-fried, and served on a bed of fresh mango salsa. Only available for catering events and special requests only.

The Cutters

Cutters = a slightly sweet soft bread roll from barbados that can be filled with anything from flying fish to burgers to jerk chicken.

The Sauces

Our homemade jerk and hot sauces are truly the talk of the town! Traditional Caribbean home recipes. No additives. Our sauces will bring authentic Caribbean flavours into your kitchen. E-mail us to order